Jo Baldwin, Mobile Ladies Hairdressing, Peterborough – Hair Consultation Process

Whether you require a simple hair cut, a restyle, a blow dry, or more involved services such as perming, straightening and colouring, my level of detail and attention will be the same, and will begin with a full professional consultation.

A full consultation will be given before I begin any service. This is to determine the compatibility of your hair for a cut, colour or perm for example. The consultation will typically involve scalp diagnosis, growth patterns, condition of hair, existing treatments on hair, strength of hair, so that you as the customer and myself as the stylist fully understand what result can and cannot be achieved.

During the hair styling consultation for a treatment involving chemicals, such as, perming, colouring or straightening, the following tests will have to be carried out.

Hair and scalp diagnosis
A hair and scalp diagnosis is required even for an apparently simple cut and blow dry, or shampoo and set. The reasons for this are to determine whether a certain hair style will work for you, as well as to see if your scalp has issues that will need to be resolved before treatment can begin. If this is the case I will recommend certain products to suit your needs.

Skin allergy test
This involves applying a small amount of tint behind the earlobe to determine any allergies to paradyes, which if not carried out could result in burns, rashes and other allergic reactions.

Incompatibility test
This test is carried out on a sample hair cutting using ammonia and peroxide. This will determine if any previous dye or colourant has any unwanted metallic salts present and will show the strength of the hair.

If you live in the Peterborough area and require more information about my mobile ladies hairdressing services, please email me or call 07968 989615 and I will be pleased to help.