Jo Baldwin, Mobile Ladies Hairdressing, Peterborough – Hair Perming

Many people have a misconception about a perm. A perm does not have to be frizzy, have tight curls, or dry your hair and scalp. As a hairdresser, I take great care and pride in protecting the condition of my customers hair so this doesn’t happen.

Today, there are many different types of perm available and my priority will be that the type curl you receive will suit your needs perfectly.

Body perm
This type of perm adds volume to the hair with a wave rather than curls.

Root perm
Only the root of the hair is permed to add volume to your hairstyle.

Spiral perm
A spiral perm is a tight form of perm which gives a corkscrew curl effect. The curls can be tight or loose, but will still be a tight perm.

Weave perm
A weaved perm involves perming certain sections of hair whilst leaving the rest straight. This will create body and volume without too tight a curl.

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